Viva Entertainment Group AKA VivaLive TV and Latin Entertainment Join Forces to Produce a LiveStream Event Presenting a Rare Mexican Friendly Match from Chicago

MIAMI, July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viva Entertainment Group, Inc (OTC: OTTV), a developer of OTT systems through which television services are delivered using the Internet and Latin Entertainment are thrill to announce their partnership. The return of Mexican Soccer match competition will feature fan-favorite Chivas de Guadalajara Vs. twelve-time Mexican Champion Cuzos de Pachuca, on July 15th in Chicago at Seat Geek Stadium. VivaLiveTv will co-produce the television presentation and livestream the match world-wide for PPV audiences.

“There has never been more pent up demand for  Futbol Mexicano and we’re so excited to be bringing the joy of soccer back to the fans,” said Rene Villanueva, CEO of Latin Entertainment, Inc. who is producing the match. “What a great match up, Chivas Vs. Pachuca, and we are pleased to be able to share this rare event by streaming it to the fans back home in Mexico and around the world,” he continued. The friendly match will feature the majority of each teams’ best players and should prove to be an excellent competition.

The game will take place at SeatGeek Stadium on Thursday evening, July 15th at 8PM.  The event will also feature a special halftime performance featuring rising star, Soleil.

“With the enormous fan support that Mexican soccer has world-wide, we are pleased to feed their passion with inexpensive access to great friendly matches like this one,” said Johnny Falcones, CEO of  Viva Entertainment Group AKA VivaLiveTV. This event will be made available to Pay Per View audiences around the world via VivaLiveTV by downloading the app and going to to get your pass. PPV Tickets are only $9.95 in the USA. Chicago will be blocked from the Livestream.

Víctor Manuel Vucetich, coach of Chivas, stated: “We can’t wait to play in front of our fans in the States, especially in Chicago, as the Windy City loves Chivas!”

Match organizers are welcoming back fans with extensive planning, organization, and safety precautions.  The July games will be followed with additional matches that will be announced soon for October. For Tickets:

About Latin Entertainment Inc.

Latin Entertainment has been doing soccer events since 2011. Latin entertainment is one of the premier Soccer promoters in the USA. The company has produced more than 40 soccer games since its birth all around the U.S from Cities like LA, Chicago, Oregano, Fresno,Sacramento,Carson City, San Jose,El Paso,Austin Texas, Denver, San Franciscoand Phoenix Arizona

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